The world today is moving into the era of alternative energy and a great amount of attention is being paid to the development of renewable energy technology, especially natural energy which is clean, environmentally friendly and can also be reused.

In the past the government of Thailand has put a strong emphasis on the development of renewable energy and is continuously enacting policies on the subject in public and private sectors, including the national electricity production development plan for the years 2018 - 2037 (PDP 2018). The policy mandates that 27% of the national production capacity must consist of alternative sources.

However, there are some limitations on the use of alternative energy due to uncontrollable factors, such as levels of sunlight, irregular wind patterns and shifts in the weather in general. Therefore, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) technology has been playing an important role in increasing the stability of alternative energy supply, supporting multiple aspects of electrical energy systems. Charging stations, charging outlets, electrical automobiles, industry, and solar and wind energy production all benefit from this technology.​

BESS technology facilitates stability in alternative electricity production, while reducing cost and negative environmental effects, and supporting safe and effective household energy production.

The market for BESS technology is increasingly spotlighted due to current energy consumption trends. Navigant Research has predicted 40% growth in this market in the next 10 years. Renewable energy production worldwide is forecasted to grow by 10%, meaning there will be significant investment in energy storage technology to help stabilize the electrical system