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The Smart Lithium Battery Energy Storage System is an extension of the 20C Discharge C-Rate and Pole Solid State Battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate Micro Film Battery Research Project), which DECC has collaborated with. Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand with Fuji Energy Innovation Company Limited to research and develop important components in the production and system development. To help solve the problem of electricity production from renewable energy Both from wind energy and solar energy To be more stable

Fuji Engineering Innovation foresaw the importance of BESS technology and its essential role in the future of renewable energy. We have been conducting research and development of the Smart Lithium Battery storage system together with Thailand’s Design and Engineering Consulting Service Center (DECC), the National Science and Technology Development Agency and our partners, such as Optimum Nano Co., Ltd., one of China’s leaders in battery technology, and Ito-Thai Body Work Co., Ltd., an expert in parts and assembly.

   Recognizing The Importance Of BESS Technology To Support And Promote The Use Of Alternative Energy Today And In The Future, Fuji Energy Innovation Company Limited Has Started The Research And Development Process. Smart Lithium Battery Energy Storage System Technology In Collaboration With Design And Engineering Consultancy Center (DECC) National Science And Technology Development Agency And Allied Companies Which Consists Of OptimumNano, A Leader In Battery Technology From The People’s Republic Of China And Ito Thai Auto Body Work Co., Ltd., An Expert In System Assembly And Parts Manufacturing.