In cooperation with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to run the ongoing 20C Discharge C-Rate Project under 2 major sites for the sustainable energy storage

Fuji Energy Innovation has successfully installed
our Smart Lithium Battery storage system at two sites


Nong Sarai , Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima

The Lam Takong Chonlapawattana power plant utilizes our 1 MWh static Smart Lithium Battery unit for wind turbine electrical production, and manages its production with Power Smoothing functionality. When production capacity exceeds demand, the system will automatically charge into the storage system and when production capacity is too low the system will instantly discharge. This helps stabilize electrical distribution even during high demand. The installation has proven that the Smart Lithium Battery storage system can improve the stability of wind power and the quality of the electricity distributed to the public.

     Smart Lithium Battery for stationary power generation systems 1 Mwh for  wind turbines 10 MW (5×2 MW)  at 22 kVA , installed in containers wide 2.438 meters long 12.192 meters high 2.896 meters

      Inside contains Battery module with battery management system (BMS) 16 String. 2 set of power conversion systems (PCS) 500 kW, 1 set of Energy Management Software (EMS) and air conditioners to control internal temperature

    Manages the electricity generation system under the Power Smoothing function. If the power production exceeds the specified value The system will act as a charge system to automatically store energy. And in the case that the energy production is lower than the specified value The system will act as an immediate discharge, which will provide stable power distribution. And able to help supply electricity during times of high demand

     The control room for generating electricity from wind turbines with located in substation at Lamtakhlong Cholaphathana Power Plant 

          After installation, found that Smart Lithium Battery energy storage system can help to produce electricity from wind energy consistently. And affect the quality of electricity that is distributed through the distribution system to users


Amphoe Thap Sakae, Prachuap Khiri Khan

The Tab Sakae Renewable Energy Power Plant Is Our Second Susses Story. It Utilizes Two Of Our 500 KWh Static Units For Solar Cell With Power Tracking Functionality In Its Production Of Solar Energy. The Installation Has Proven The Energy Profile Can Be Successfully Managed As Desired.​

The Smart Lithium Battery storage system has passed significant tests and produced results that meet international standards under the following criteria :
• The battery cells’ voltage and capacity discharge test
• The standard charge current test and the maximal continual discharge test
• The discharge cycle test at 1.0C at 25, 40 and 55 degree Celsius
• Safety test
• Environmental tolerance test
• Electromagnetic compatibility test

Installed a stationary Smart Lithium Battery energy storage system (Stationary Energy System)  500 kWh, 2 units, equipped with a solar cell system at a voltage of 315 V.

    Inside contains Battery modules with battery power management systems (BMS), energy control systems (Power PCS) and energy management systems (EMS).

Manage the electricity generation from solar energy under the Power Tracking function

  After the installation, it was found that the power level can be controlled according to the desired profile.


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